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July 15th 1965 the probe  Mariner 4 grazed Mars, photographing it from varying distances between the 17,000 and the 12,000 kilometers.

Launched November 28th 1964, after the twin probe Mariner 3, launched November 5, had been lost in solar orbit,  number 4  arrive punctual at the fly-by   with the red planet taking twenty-two photos in 26 minutes.

The images, recorded on tape and  store for their transmission to Earth, they had take with a camera system includes 305 mm lens (opening 1/ 8, and with times  of 1/ 50),  a monosolution film processor, a video scanning system and transmitter for photo readout.

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The camera

The first pich (and his bits image)

The U.S.A.



The video information was convert in digital signals of 6 [bit] (unity of information), and since the photos contained 40,000  elements image, they resulted necessary, for each of them,  240.000 [bit].

When the Mariner 4 begins to transmit these impulses to our planet, to the rate of 8.3 [bit] sec, (so that  required more than eight hours for receive each image), the power of crest was only of 10 watt; but, to their arrival to the  terrestrial stations , the residual power had been reduced to something like a billionth of watt!


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